Catatonia: from subtype of schizophrenia to specifier for many disorders: J Clin Psychopharmacol.June 2013

24 Jun

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Catatonia is a motor dysregulation syndrome.It is characterised by acute onset of stupor, mutism, negativism,  posturing, rigidity, and repetitive speech and  movement. Historically, catatonia was considered as a sub type  of schizophrenia. Sedative and seizure treatments were dramatically effective for catatonia though they offered little benefit for schizophrenia as such. Being understood only as a sub type of schizophrenia was a limitation, as it  prevented other catatonic patients from effective treatments. Giving antipsychotics to patients with catatonic symptoms had the risk of precipitating malignant catatonia (NMS).

Max Fink’s guest editorial welcome the changes made In DSM 5. DSM-5  deletes the catatonia type of schizophrenia (295.2), adds a new class of ‘‘Catatonia Not Elsewhere Classified (299.89),’’ retains the medical disease association of catatonia introduced in DSM-IV (293.89), and accepts catatonia as a specifier of 10 psychiatric diagnoses.  Catatonia is now completely divorced from schizophrenia.

When German psychiatrist Karl Kahlbaum described catatonia, he didn’t…

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